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Chicago Area Relationship Managers (CARM) December Meetup Recap

Thank you again to all those who joined us on Wednesday, December 20th for the third Chicago Area Relationship Managers (CARM) Group meetup! We are so thankful for your attendance and participation in the group over the past year. We also thank all of you who brought non-perishable canned items for donation to the Chicago Area Foodbank. We gathered over 40 cans of food for Chicago’s most needy ...

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When is the Right Time for Customer Success?

Determining The Right Time For Customer Success Even though the Customer Success bandwagon feels like it has been gathering pace for some time, there are still many organisations at different stages of their business lifecycles wondering when to “pull the trigger” and implement it. If you are a company that has a subscription model and/or relies on reoccurring revenue, in my opinion, the answer ...

Attention Customer Success teams: Embrace Failure!

  Embrace failure...It might be the best thing that ever happened to you.   I was recently flying across the Atlantic, via an aging British Airways 747 en route to Chicago  when I noticed just how calm the scene was. Drinks were being served, the closing credits for La La Land had just rolled and everyone was settled.  

How to Determine Customer Profitability

Jeremie Bacon wrote this post for the Synap Labs blog on April 25th It should be obvious that customers are the main source of revenue for every business. But what's less obvious is that they are usually responsible for the vast majority of expenses as well. As such, it is essential for companies to accurately measure the true cost of servicing their customers and judiciously manage customer ...

When it's time to say "goodbye" to bad customers

Neil Sedaka said it best in the title of his 1975 hit song: “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” Nearly all of us have been there at one point in our lives or another. Leaving a relationship can be difficult and painful, but in many cases it’s the best thing for both parties. Interestingly, the same logic applies in relationships between vendors and clients. There are times where vendors don’t want to ...

The Complete Guide to Aligning Your Sales and Customer Success Teams

Carolyn Kick wrote this post for the Synap Labs blog on July 18 Most people understand the individual goals of sales and customer success (CS) teams. But when it comes to how these two team’s operations intersect—it can quickly become confusing. Aligning sales and customer success is no easy task. More often than not, sales and customer success operate as two separate entities, each with ...

Customer Success & Customer Support and Why You Need Both

In understanding what customer success is, it’s also important to understand what it is not. Customer success is often confused or conflated with both key account management (KAM) and customer support. In a previous post we wrote about the differences between KAM and customer success. This post will show the major differences between customer success and customer support.

Scaling Customer Success for SMB customers

Scaling for SMBs

Building a Remarkable Customer Success Playbook

When it comes to managing relationships with your customers, the old axiom still holds true: “Change is the only constant.” Because you know things will change in your relationships with your customers, your customer success teams need to be proactive in managing the relationship. Being proactive means having a good plan on how to capitalize on regular events in the relationship lifecycle like ...

The Difference Between Key Account Management and Customer Success

In today’s increasingly complex and competitive business environment the need to develop deep customer relationships more important than ever. Along with this trend, the development and maturation of key account management and customer success are easily two of the most important changes in selling and servicing customers over the last 25 years.